# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 A Grammatical Survey of the Basketo Language (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 1-40 PDF  
2 Lexicographic Notes of the Konso Language (in Japanese) Mitsuo KOWAKI 41-65 PDF  
3 Gamo: A Dialect Variant or a Group with its Own Dialects? Hirut Woldemariam 67-78 PDF  
4 Notes on the North Ometo Dialects: Mutual Intelligibility Tests and Structural Variations Hirut Woldemariam 79-112 PDF  
5 Some Observations on the Pronouns of Hamar: A Comparative Perspective Moges Yigezu 113-132 PDF  
6 Notes on Some Modal and Aspectual Morphemes in Aari Yoichi TSUGE 133-150 PDF  
7 The Person-Name Noun in Wolaytta Motomichi WAKASA 151-191 PDF  
8 "Definite" and "indefinite" in the Common Noun in Wolaytta Motomichi WAKASA 193-205 PDF