# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 Geographic Information Systems (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 1-7 PDF  
2 The Construction of the Language Map on GIS and Analysis of the Correlation between Geographical Features and Distribution of Languages (in Japanese) Manabu SUGII 9-14 PDF  
3 A Grammatical Survey of the Basketo Language II (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 15-60 PDF  
4 Some Ovservations on Konso Grammar (in Japanese) Mitsuo KOWAKI 61-79 PDF  
5 Phonemes and Accent in Hamar (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 81-91 PDF  
6 On the Galila Dialect of the Aari Language Yoichi TSUGE 93-112 PDF  
7 Numerical Expressions in Wolaytta Motomichi WAKASA 113-152 PDF  
8 Fundamental Dialogues in Tigrinya Akio NAKANO 153-241 PDF