# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 Basic Vocabulary of Mesqan (2) (in Japanese) Jun IKEDA 1-8 PDF  
2 500 Kowegu Nouns (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 9-28 PDF  
3 Kowegu Adjectives (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 29-38 PDF  
4 Some Notes on Passive and Causative Expressions in Hamar (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 39-48 PDF  
5 Digitalization of Linguistic Materials: Terminology Problems (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 49-58 PDF  
6 A Koorete Text: ɗiik'ari ʔaji ne jese? Frog, where are you? Binyam Sisay Mendisu 59-69 PDF  
7 Some Aspects of Definite Marker in Dime Mulugeta Seyoum 70-81 PDF  
8 Preliminary Survey on ʻAlle Verbal System Hiroshi YOSHINO 82-95 PDF