# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 Notes on Nominal Demonstratives in Arbore Binyam Sisay Mendisu 1-10 PDF  
2 Some Notes on Implosive Consonants in Nyangatom Moges Yigezu 11-20 PDF  
3 Notes on Dime Personal Naming System Mulugeta Seyoum 21-35 PDF  
4 600 Basic Vocabulary of Kara (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 36-65 PDF  
5 The Changes Occurring at the Boundary of Verbal Stems and Pronominal Suffixes in Hadiyya (in Japanese) Takashi NINOMIYA 66-80 PDF  
Field Notes
6 Basic Vocabulary of Hadiyya (1) (in Japanese) Takashi NINOMIYA 81-95 PDF  
7 1000 Basic Vocabulary of Mesqan (in Japanese) Jun IKEDA 96-129 PDF