# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 The Syllable Structure in Nyangatom Moges Yigezu 1-12 PDF  
2 Copula Constructions in Arbore Binyam Sisay Mendisu 13-20 PDF  
3 Notes on Benishangul Arabic (western Ethiopia) [in Japanese] NAKAO Shuichiro 21-43 PDF  
4 A Hypothesis about Differential Object Marking in Chaha (Gurage) [in Japanese] HARA Shogo 44-51 PDF  
Research Notes
5 Basic Vocabulary of Hadiyya (2) [in Japanese] NINOMIYA Takashi 52-76 PDF  
6 Documentation of the Masqän Language (1): A Folktale IKEDA Jun 77-86 PDF  
7 Number Marking and Agreement in Amharic Mulugeta Seyoum 87-108 PDF