# Title Author(s) Pages Format(s) etc.
1 Some Notes on social, cultural and linguistics aspects of Dime Mulugeta Seyoum Gebeyaw 1-8 PDF  
2 Passivization in Afaan Oromoo Wondwosen Tesfaye 9-18 PDF  
3 An Acoustic Analysis of Amharic Vowels Shinya IWATSUKI 19-31 PDF  
4 Theses on Ethiopian languages: A bibliographical survey at Addis Ababa University (in Japanese) Jun IKEDA 32-47 PDF  
5 Basic Verb Sentences for Ethiopian Language Research (in Japanese) Hideyuki INUI 48-211 PDF  
6 Some Notes on Expressions of Quantity and Degree in Hamar (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 212-226 PDF  
7 Aari Literacy Materials (1): Aari Primer Pt.1 (in Japanese) Yoichi TSUGE 227-262 PDF  
8 The Search System of Ethiopian Languages using GIS (in Japanese) Yuki KAYASHIMA & Hideyuki INUI 263-281 PDF  
9 Electronic Publishing and Management of Academic Information (in Japanese) Yona TAKAHASHI 282-291 PDF